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You need to watch this! Abuja Based Spoken words poet, Brainbox releases new Video Ahead of Book launch..


You need to watch this! Abuja Based Spoken words poet, Brainbox releases new Video Ahead of Book launch..

It is meant to be a customary book trailer but the 2 minutes clip, exclusively delivered in Spoken Word continues to give people Goosebumps. Three words: inspiring, charismatic and epic.
Released on October 21, Saturday and noon, it has been viewed extensively across all social media platforms and shared enthusiastically. Now, Brainbox’s popularity is soaring, his message. He is one of the finest young poets out there; staying true to his art and going hard on his signature subject – dreams!
“When I first read the historic speech by Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream”, I reflected on the things he achieved during his lifetime, his philosophy, and legacy – wondering if it was the dream that kept him going in the face of countless opposition.”
Those are some of the first words you’ll encounter in the opening of the video, with the uplifting background music by Tom Bailey accompanying the poet’s powerful rhythm.
Brainbox further delivers into camera, his conviction about the power of dreams: “Same for Nelson Mandela, his dream for South Africa… What else could have made a man give 27 years of his precious life to incarceration and for a people’s struggle when his personal freedom was only one negotiation away?”
Also, “see, the other day, dreams woke me 1:35am and we prayed. Dreams wake me every other day. Dreams make me a promise that we might dally but we won’t fail. Dreams… wake me from my nightmares”.
Throughout the video while affirming the deep level of intimacy he shares with his dreams, the youth prodigy also passionately reminds us to stay alive for our dreams because “life loses its meaning only when you stop dreaming”.
And this is the truth, as Brainbox himself once quoted Brazilian writer Paul Coelho (author of The Alchemist) in interview with NTA, saying, “It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”.
Line after line, Brainbox nourishes the ambitious heart and renews the faith of every dreamer. He ends with a very crucial question: ARE YOUR DREAMS AWAKE? This is the video’s title as seen on YouTube with the description: “This Spoken Word video fills in for my collection of thoughts: Dreams Wake Me and from the #iamnotafaileddream project. It is the intro poem in the book. With the help of Iniabasi Udosen, I made it so you can connect easily to the message of the semi-autobiographical effort chronicling my journey as a dreamer, traveler and a believer… ”
Filmmaker Iniabasi Udosen shot and directed the video (which features upcoming Nigerian Actress, Princess Adaeze Emejuru and Lawyer Sam Chukwu who also plays the guitar). This is the third time Brainbox and Iniabasi are working together, the second being the making of the first ever documentary on Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria, “I am Not a Failed Dream”, featuring the Abuja Literary Society.
It is good to know that there are very courageous young creatives whose efforts in no small way shape the path for the burgeoning genre of spoken word in Nigeria. Born Valentine Onyeka Ogunaka in Zaria, Kaduna State, Brainbox since moving into Abuja two years ago has become a light bearer. His book, Dreams Wake Me” is due for release in December


You can download the book trailer HERE
Reach the poet via:
Instagram: iambrainbox
Twitter: justbrainbox
Facebook: Brainbox (Valentine Onyeka Ogunaka)
Then, let his words touch you. See these comments.

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