Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians to be evacuated from South Africa today

The Federal government of Nigeria has announced that the first batch of Nigerian returnees from South Africa will arrive today September 11th.

320 passengers, who are among over 600 Nigerians to be airlifted by Air Peace Airlines, are expected to arrive the Murtala Muhamed International Airport, Ikeja at 9am this morning.

Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians to be evacuated from South Africa today

The Nigerian Consul-General, Godwin Adama, has confirmed their evacuation, following the conclusion of their documentation in the aftermath of the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other foreign nationals in South Africa.

“We are documenting people through filling of relevant forms with information such as place of birth, state of origin, local government areas. We also check nationality and discourage wives with different nationalities to avoid bringing in other nationals. We equally discourage those wanting to take advantage of the flight.” he said

The Consul-General, added that the second batch will leave South Africa tomorrow September 12th.

“The manifest for the first flight is ready and we are working on the next flight. The two missions are working together to make a success of the evacuation. Nigerians will be conveyed in buses from the two missions to the airport at early hours of the morning to ensure smooth operations.” he said

On Monday September 9th, President Buhari ordered the evacuation of Nigerians from South Africa.

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1 comments On Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians to be evacuated from South Africa today

  • Shuuuuuu shebi once you marry a foreigner she becomes Nigerian by marriage na… Which one is “we are discouraging wives of other nationalities”?

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