Women in Politics Stakeholders Consultative Dialogue On Increasing Women’s Participation in Politics


Yesterday, LEAD (Legal Awareness for Nigerian Women) organized a Stakeholders Consultative Dialogue on Increasing Women’s Participation in Politics 

The Welcome address was by Mrs Rebecca Sako -John. Mrs Rebecca Sako-John is the ED, Legal Awareness for Nigerian Women 

 Women in Politics is set Against a background that recognizes inclusiveness as a key indicator of good governance – inclusiveness in its governance process with women being partly or excluded from participation

The presentative Of Women Networking in her welcome address stressed the need for young women to take a bold step and be part of Politics 

Women constitute 49% of the population, yet they appear insivible in the area of politics, elective or appointive positives despite the large numbers that turn out to vote 

In elective offices women presently occupy only 11% of offices namely;

-President – 0%

– Vice President – 0%

– Governors – 0%

– Deputy Governors – 6.4%

– National Assembly- 6.2%

– State Houses of Assembly – 5.2%

– 2 Councilors 

“Women should serve as mentors for the Generation Next female politicians who are agents of positive change” – Mrs Hannatu Ahuwan 

The dialogue ended with questions and answer about women in Politics 

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