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whispers – I had sex with a girl, now she’s dating a kaduna Celebrity


whispers – I had sex with a girl, now she’s dating a kaduna Celebrity


Hi Judith I have this story that I really want to share, I met This lady at an event in Kaduna, she anchored the event, I really wanted to talk to her but she was too busy with people at the event, so I decided to do some Facebook hunting which I did, we got talking I requested for her number without too much persuasion she gave me, we got talking after two days she was already asking me for my house address, I did gave her
She came to my house, without wasting much time we got talking then we got caught up in the moment, we kiss then had sex, yes sex, that minute I was feeling like a badass, it was the fastest I have ever had, just a round I used a condom, it was really tight looked like she just started having sex, after everything I saw her off, gave her 1k for transport, then I left for abuja because work was calling, after a month she reached out to me telling me she missed her period, so she’s pregnant, she needs money to abort the child, at that minute I knew I had enter one Chance I was like but I used a condom on you, she said “you are trying to deny it, and I became more scared because I feel if she takes it too far I have a lot to loose, am a public figure, she doesn’t seem like someone who cares about her reputation of a truth i don’t like the idea of the abortion, so I requested for the test result to be sure, she said oh you don’t trust me, I said yes I don’t after over 5 days of arguing & dragging over the issue, she then said it was a joke, she wanted to test me, she noticed she had lost the battle, i got angry & told her not to ever call me again, she kept calling my phone, telling i was good in bed, she wants more of me, I actually wanted a relationship but I got sex for free, now I noticed she’s dating a guy I know he’s not a friend though but we have worked together at some point, the guy is a public figure though we are not friends so am doing him a favour by not calling his name, but he has messed me up, a couple of times, will hold the name am confuse dunno weather I should shake this table, he might
Be a victim too, she has not change, cuz I saw her in an unpleasant manner in the club, but I feel she is way to cheap & the poor guy is flaunting her on his social Media, what do you think I should do?


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    June 22, 2018 at 9:45 am

    My dear, if there’s one thing I’ve left, don’t ever interfere in peoples love life, they always assume you’re a hater, no matter your intentions. Allow them, just pray the guy finds out himself, don’t allow yourself be the cause of their breakup.

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