We Love these Five Drinks – Which is Your Favorite?

  1. Zobo drink:

Zobo is made from dried Roselle plant flowers. It is sweet and refreshing. Adding ginger, pineapple and flavor add to the taste. 

  1. Kunu Aya:

Kunu Aya is super healthy made from tigernuts (Aya in Hausa). To spice it up, you can include dates or ginger. Cold Kunu Aya is the best drink in the world 😉

  1. Fura Da Nono: 

Fura Da Nono is mostly made by Hausa Fulani.. milking the Nono directly from the cow and mixing it with Millets

  1. Kunu Zaki: 

Kunu Zaki is known allover Northern Nigeria and is prepared with ginger and other local spices .. depending on the State. 

  1. Kunu Tamba : 

Tamba(finger millet) is an excellent source of natural calcium,which helps strengthening bones for growing children and aging people.

it also helps in controlling blood sugar level in condition of diabetes.

finger millet could help in keeping malnutrition and premature aging at bay.

So finger millet is an extremely nutritious cereal and is very beneficial for maintain a good health.

Note: it’s high intake could increase quantity oxalic acid in the body.Therefore it’s not advised for patients having kidney stones(urinary calculi)

Green finger millet is 

recommended for conditions of blood 

pressure, liver disorder,asthma and 

heart weakness.

 Which is Your Favorite?
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