Top 15 Kaduna Women that Rocked 2017

‎2017! What a year. Kaduna hasn’t had many like this. And as is the case every new year, we reflect on Ladies that have made headlines in their fields of work. Especially on JCB social media time line.
Entrepreneurs whose works have tremored Kaduna. This is the list of the top 15 Ladies that changed the landscapes of their fields of work and consequently making us proud.‎

Anyone who stays in the shadows of good work,  is Maimuna Abubakar . The C.E.O of Maims Events has taken over Event management to A whole new level in Northern Nigeria. Courtesy of her creativity, and edgy deliveries, Maims Events have delivered the best decor in the country in 2017.‎

Grace Barnabas is a badass Fashion designer that has earned respect even outside Kaduna State. she makes beautiful wedding gowns, and bridal dresses. She’s one of the best right now in Kaduna State.


Women in art are attractive. people stare and wonder how they do it. Kweyve is the CEO of Kweyve textiles and everything she makes is hand painted and dyed.‎

I admire high-achieving, confident women who are successful in their chosen careers. Even more, I admire women who are visible in the support of other women who are also striving to leave their positive footprint on the planet and Mallaman Biz is a mixture of all that. You cannot talk about business in Kaduna State without calling her name. Mallaman Biz and her business partner are the organizers of one of the biggest market place – Kaduna Bargain

Rymba is an event planner that’s is generally loved by many for what she does and her major role in organising one of the biggest fashion show in Kaduna – Gamji pearls

Talk about talent paying off. The famous Safiya Ambursa aka Susu CEO of hafmar designs by Susu and my fav is a fashion designer who make beautiful dresses. She’s is the personal fashion designer to special Adviser to the governor of Kaduna State on creative art.

Mams is the Mama of showbiz in Kaduna. Her ability to plan multiple successful events amazes me. She’s manages Gospel artiste Eff-Ell and organised one of the biggest in 2017 – Savages. We can’t wait to see her plans for 2018

Gina is probably one of the youngest CEO in Kaduna. Ever since she launched her clothingline she has be excellent. Her packaging and ideas are Beautiful. And she’s super friendly.


Tamar Sheyin aka Mama Chong Dovetail aka Book Land queen is an intelligent lady who loves arts and books and has converted this love to her book club and other projects. Her ability to work with a team in planning a successful event is amazing

Racheal Lolo is the true definition of beauty and brains. Her ability to create great ideas is something else. She graduate recently from Kaduna State University and is part of the great “Zanfada” one of the biggest brand right now in Kaduna.‎

‎We can’t talk about food, catering and Awara special without calling LULU. She’s an entrepreneur who is hardworking and determine to success. She has grown from making cakes to making any/all kinds of delicacy

Faith Benjamin is a sweetheart, she charmed the people of Kaduna with her love for planes and her caring heart. She started a foundation called Faith Moves foundation and has been doing alot.

There will not be a time in Kaduna when someone without as much as a talent is celebrated the way Sandra Izzy Yaks is. She loves Kaduna and Kaduna loves her more. She is just the epic epiphany of how the spotlight can rid people of a sense of being. Her Izzy wears seems to be moving great.

Precious Yerima is a beautiful photographer, who is growing fast. She’s focused on documentary capturing everyday life. We can’t wait to see what she becomes in 2018.


There is brashness, and there is crazy. Scilla Effy Johnson is a cocktail of all that, and more. Her writing skills are quite the spectacle. And her social media audience loves and exalts her for that. Her use of metaphors, most of which boarder on profanity, had taken her posts places. And we love This is Effy


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  1. Wonderful picks!. I didn’t see any makeup artistes there though! Beautiful game changers that’s definitely shook Kaduna in 2017 like Lydia Stanley, Ronke Bodamisi of Bybronx and Lubcee of Blush Makeup. I think makeup artists shouldn’t be left out when picking those for 2018.

    • Jade Jedidah on air personality works with Invicta FM she too rocked my 2017, also congratulations to the Top 15 kaduna women that rocked 2017, and continue the good work Judith Caleb

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