Top 10 Amala Joints In Kaduna. Which is Your Favorite?

Amala is a local Nigeria Food  enjoyed by Nigerians especially in The South Western. It is eaten with soups like Ewedu ( my personal favorite😋) Gbegiri and Egusi. 

Below are 10 amala joints you must visit in Kaduna 

  1. Iyawo Restaurant- Iyawo Is now a household Name in Kaduna. It is popular and well known, because this  joint has been serving hot plates of African dishes, especially amala for years and have branches all over Kaduna. it is not just the rich and mighty that frequent this citadel of delicacies its everyone  

2. Television Garage: This is one of the oldest Motor parks in Kaduna as people all around Nigeria traveling in and out of Kaduna uses the park. It is Located in Television adjacent Anima Hospital. this joint is popular 

3. Abuja Junction : this is also another park. And I hear her Amala is special with Soups that would make you bite your hands

4. Opposite KadPoly Kaps U/Rimi : I hear 

Kaduna State polytechnic students have been known to patronize this Joint Since is opposite the school and others buy the amala from the joint on their way home every day.

  1. Yokowa Road Karji: The joint is close to freedom motors and has been making name. Kaduna State University Students Who stay in Karji hail her Amala and enjoy it. 
  2. Kemi Restaurant, constitution Road by Magajin Gari: this joint has been a draw to people around who troop to the place each time they want to eat real good African food. 
  3. Inside Central Market Kaduna : If you are ever in Central market and feel like eating Amala just stop at this joint.. it is at the heart of the market close to the palm oil sellers in Kasuwa. Take these with a cold drink and you would have a good story to tell about good old African food.
  4. Gwandu Road and Unguwar Mu’azo : To be honest I haven’t personally check out this place but from what I heard it is a perfect place to enjoy Amala in Northern Kaduna. 
  5. Cambrin Restaurant Malali: A plate of hot amala and ewedu soup from this joint with meat, depending on the type of meat or fish you want to accompany your food can make you forget your name lol 

10. Tawakalitu begins Rity’s Kigo Road 

which is your favorite?


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