The truth behind the rumors in Kaduna

I have received Messages, calls and Insults after I  made a post on twitter “

“There is a Rumour Flying in Kaduna!
This Can change everything!
An Accident Happened Last Night”

Notice how I didn’t call any name on the post.. but apparently some people felt I was attacking the government and rained insults on me even threatened Me.. I don’t Hate the Governor.. I don’t hate Our leaders.. Hate is a strong word.. I mean I have never met Mallam El-Rufai so why should I hate him 🤷🏼‍♀️

Well, Kaduna woke up to some rumors this morning. But a post from the governor’s account has dispelled the rumors. Here’s a screenshot of his post. Below

Kaduna people, Do not be distracted by Rumors. Kaduna State Governor posted a statement 7 hours ago.

No need to attack Judith Caleb’s Blog when we have the News on his Page.. focus your energy on Positive things ..

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