Teni tells fan to ask WizKid if she is a virgin, see his response

Teni was asked by a fan if she is a virgin and she directs him to ask Wizkid to answer that.

Teni and Wizkid always address eachother like they are in a relationship, just like when she was about dropping a song, she made a skit claiming to be pregnant for the StaBoy boss.

Wizkid however responded when asked if Teni is a virgin, see the conversation below.

Oseni Opeyemi asked, ”

Teni are you still a virgin?”

She responded; Ask @wizkidayo 😩😩

Wizkid responded;

“anywhere starboy enter! No dey close again”

See reactions from fans below.

@wizkidayo Oga smasher, lord of the holes, king of knacking, the kpekus widener, the opener of all closed axis. 💪💪 – @DrealTJ

not sure of the nature of his relationship with Tiwa Savage, but this whole thing might be a tad disrespectful to her. – @domi_edache

Haaaa… Ayemi oooo, you wey I dey look as good girl… That Wizkid heeen anything wey he touch na 2Leg up ooo – @UthmanSuraj

So wizkid want to chop teni that boy get big eye 👁 after eating the almighty tiwa he now wants to chop oversized teni – @enzumani1

@wizkidayo so talented, he’s also Teni’s gynaecologist – @chris_adeniyi

2 seconds everything don burst o. Now I know the meaning of this lyrics😁😁 – @Softspice2

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