So, what’s happening to Kaduna Based On Air Personality Jakes Tudu? || @TurakinArewa


If you follow Jakes Tudu on social media, then you already know why I wrote this post… if you don’t, read Up!!! Wait! If you know, still read and leave a comment below.. “ Help my ministry move to the permanent site” thanks 😁😂

So, Jakes Tudu wrote a post on Facebook, explaining the amazing opportunity he got to learn and network with other creatives last year: 

“October 2018 I grabbed this amazing opportunity and it’s been series of learning and networking ever since.

It’s a pretty big deal for me because I got to fly for the first time for this reason last… Blah! Blah! Blah!  

“ Lets skip to the juicy part” 🙄


Not this pic


Keep scrolling 



 Not this pics 😉



Aha!! This pics… I love this pics.. he shared the picture and wrote; 

“Certificate of excellence! Mama will be smiling in her grave.


Maybe it’s the caption or the way the photo was taken, but there is something about this photo that says so much… 


We need more wins like this in our City. 

Jakes is currently in Ghana chilling with other Creatives. The Chongai Guy was selected as one of the brilliant festival directors to participate in the next phase of The British Council’s West Africa Festival Management Training Programme 

This is what’s happening to Jakes Tudu and We Celebrate Him 

Incase you don’t know who I am talking about.. lol! 

Read 👇🏻

  • Jakes Tudu is an On Air Personality ( working with Liberty FM Kaduna)
  • One of the founders of Chong Dovetail Festival in Kaduna 
  • He is the father of #KadunaTwitterConnect 

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