Shocking video/Photos shows police fighting Kaduna Based Artist Eff Ell, his Manager and members of Northside Kings, just because they look like “Yahoo Boys”


A very disturbing video/photos  shows police officer assaulting Kaduna Based Artist, Eff Ell his Manager Mams  and members of the well known dancer group “North Side Kings” reportedly because they dyed their hair. Crazy right? 

According to Mams, they were on their way to church on 20th May 2019 when a policeman stopped them around Barnawa Complex 

The police officer asked them to come down from the keke, asked them where they were going and why their hair was dyed… after explaining to him that they are dancer and going to church, the policeman called them “Yahoo Boys” and made a huge scene by slapping/beating them.. Eff Ell who recorded what happened was harassed and beating too just for recording.. the fight went on for hours… going back and forward before he eventually left them to go…. 

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  1. That’s what you get for just being a Nigerian. Harassment from all angles, even from those that are supposed to safeguard us. Its hard being a Nigerian sincerely. God ‘safe’ us.

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