Senator Shehu Sani continues to raises alarm over ‘ignored’ killings in Kaduna villages

A senator, Shehu Sani (APC, Kaduna Central), has decried alleged killings by armed herdsmen and bandits going on in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

He said this on Tuesday when he came under Order 43 to explain that the killings had been ignored by the relevant security agencies and the Federal Government.

“I have an issue in a local government in my constituency; it is called Birnin Gwari local government. This local government borders on the states of Zamfara, Kebbi, and Niger states. This local government in the last two to three years has been under siege of armed herdsmen and bandits.

“Bandits that have made life intolerable to the people of that part of the state. Many villages in this local government have been sacked, farmers don’t go to their farms nowadays, many of the citizens reside in that local government are now in the capital,” he said.

Mr. Sani further said that killings and abduction in the area and Kaduna State in general had become a daily affair, adding that “it is one issue that has not been able to get the national attention or the global spotlight.”

“Just few days ago, about seven persons were killed, and continually the killings have been so on a daily basis that even the media don’t take much time to give it a space in their pages of newspapers.

“I am deeply concerned that the government is losing the grip, that we cannot guarantee the safety of lives and properties in this country, and I think we have lost the essence of our being in government.

“Every day, this country is becoming a theater of war, you see bodies of victims killed, dismembered and shared on social media. There is nowhere in Africa today where you see this grisly and grossly pictures and images being shared every day.

“I am deeply concerned that the essence to which we should be in government and address those very important issues have not been given the required attention as they should be,”he said.

“This local government has become a centrepiece of violence and killings. All attempts made have simply been done lackadaisical. There is no much interest on the side of the government to address these problems. It is clear that the areas that attract the attention of the government is the one that is being given the widest publicity. And unfortunately, we are not able to get it in our place,” he added.

He further expressed disappointment at how ‘men of goodwill’ in the country had decided to live in self-denial, “a denial in the sense that those who are supposed to speak the truth to power have taken an attitude of silence and many of them are burying themselves in politics.

“For how long will this continue, violence in all parts of the country? This systematic killing is becoming widespread.

“How can we say over 100 years after amalgamation, over five to six decades after independence that countries like Niger, Cameroun, and Benin Republic that people there can live in safety? I am raising this issue to all the authorities that are concerned that there is a need to have a permanent military presence in this local government.

“Few days ago, Senator Marafa raised issue about the issue in Zamfara State, you should know that Zamfara State and Kaduna State are neighboring states. That place is virtually controlled by armed bandits and herdsmen and there is no presence of government there.

“It is time to put politics aside and focus on the issue of insecurity. People that are privileged to move to the Villa should please spare us the time of telling the truth to the people in power that things are getting worse and there is a need for us to do what we need to do,” he said.

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