See what Cold weather is doing to People In Kaduna and other Northern States

Many businesses now open from  10 a.m. as against the 8 a.m. schedule or earlier before the advent of the cold season.

Wale Adetunji, a phone repairer, said he no longer ventured out early to his workshop as he used to because of the cold weather.

“I do not go to work as early as he used to due to the change of weather in Kaduna. Before the harmattan set in I used to go out as early as 7am, but now due to the cold weather, I wait till around 10am.”

He said that he had also realized that his customers no longer come out early and that also forced him to change his timing adding that his customers now come between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Idris Abdulrahman, a sachet water wholesaler said: “Since the cold weather started, there has really not been much sales. Before the harmattan season, we were selling between  300 to 400 bags of sachet water but now sales have dropped to as low as 150 bags at most.

Muhammadu Sani a sachet water hawker said sales has reduced drastically due to the weather.

“Before the season, I used to sell between 17 and 20 bags but now I sell 10 to 12 bags daily.

A tea seller in Bakin Dogo market, Aliyu Auwal said the weather condition has improved his sales.

“The weather is bringing more customers to my business because right now customers troop in and out even by 2:00pm to take tea unlike before this season when by 8:00am or 10:00am business is fluctuating.’’

It is a similar story in Katsina as it has forced sudden changes in social and behavioural attitudes of the residents.

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