Popular Kaduna facebook user Blessing Isreal in fake kidnap scandal

Remember Blessing Isreal? The girl who took sniper to kill her herself sometime ago but miraculously survived? Well, it was all a lie! She faked her suicide just to get attention and Facebook likes. She recently did something shocking and was caught, arrested and exposed for the pathological liar that she is. On monday 5th of May, 2019 she allegedly faked her mother’s kidnap and collected money from people using her father’s account to pay ransom. On friday night, She called some people who she has received money from to say she went to pay the ransom and was raped by 3 fulani men then she switched off her phone. They were worried as they couldn’t reach her so they made calls and eventually got through to someone who knows her house. The person went to check only to find Blessing’s mother at home, hale and hearty.


She confessed that she has given the money to some people who scammed her from Senegal and promised to help her get visa to work for a month and get 20 million naira. All of these were lies as it was just discovered that the money has been with her all along.

More details will be released soon as she is presently in police costody.

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