Photos: Highlights of the Planet Heart Foundation Music Audition in Kaduna

Planet heart Foundation and Music in Africa set out to audition artists in the North especially Kano and Kaduna to participate in Afro-politan Vibes 2018. Hosted by entertainment guru Ade Bantu the program consisted of audition, workshop/training and a concert on the final day.
5 artists out of 35 were selected in Kaduna  and another 5 will be picked from Kano. The best will perform live at Afro-politan Vibes 2018. Hosted be groomed to showcase their talents in Lagos later this year

Project Description Summary:
“The Music Concert & Touring Workshop series will be held in two major cities in Northern Nigeria: Kano & Kaduna. Workshops will focus on key elements of stage performance/presentation, artists booking (national & international), touring opportunities, tour funding, artists self-promotion via existing online platforms and professional EPK (Electronic Press Kit). All registered participants are eligible to partake in an open audition. A 4-man jury consisting of local professionals and members of the BornTroWay team will select 10 acts who will perform at a live concert in Kano & Kaduna respectively. The overall most promising act from both cities will be given a performance slot at the September edition of the Afropolitan Vibes concert series in Lagos. The workshop series is FREE for all participants.

The concert shall be FREE and open to the general public”

Feedback from the attendees:

DIA (Artist selected for next round) – Being a part of this workshop inspired me to choose my artistic direction and stick with it. There were also many valuable tips on personal branding, selling yourself and managing your social media presence.

Dashan (OAP and Judge) – Planet heart Foundation and Music in Africa put together a wonderful show which was free and everyone who attended learned a lot and were  entertained. The talent in Kaduna is really good and we were impressed by some to the acts that auditioned.

DJ Cinch (Judge) – being part of this program was a great and fun experience to watch artists perform live for us. The group brought part of the world here to us in Kaduna and opened our eyes to some opportunities. Also there were valuable lessons on how to improve artists visibility, funding and increase bookings for shows and even the importance of stepping up our live performances not just being satisfied with staying as recording artists. All in all, a very good experience that more people should participate in…..

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