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Owner of “SKETCH” a Lifestyle brand, angry at Lagos Based Entrepreneur for using his brand photos


Owner of “SKETCH” a Lifestyle brand, angry at Lagos Based Entrepreneur for using his brand photos


Kaduna Born Entrepreneur, Abin Yashim and the owner of ” SKETCH” a Lifestyle brand who ” according to our source” is planning something “lowkey/big”lol! For the people of Kaduna Next Month ( September) shared his surprise and anger toward a Lagos Based Entrepreneur known as GREY( @Heybogee) for using SKETCH marketing strategy and photos without permission.

Upon posting of the photos, a large number of SKETCH fans were quick to point out the striking similarities between GREY( @Heybogee) photos and the photos SKETCH shared months back.

Abin Yashim, who apparently got wind of the reports is vehemently angry about the situation.

JCB confirmed that neither GREY or any member of his brand obtained clearance/ permission or approval before posting SKETCH photos on twitter… read what Abin Yashim wrote;


Following the recent events that occurred wherein a certain “Sharp Guy” rather than create his own marketing strategy sought to coast on the success of another, I felt a short statement regarding the issue was imperative.

I have been duly informed that the actions of said “sharp guy” constitutes an action in torts known as “passing off”. Passing-off exist to protect the goodwill of a trader. The principle is that no person is entitled to represent the goods of another as his.

. Generally, an action for passing-off arises where the deception is made in the course of trade which could lead to confusion amongst potential buyers. This applies to both e-commerce businesses & businesses with physical addresses.

The Sketch brand only issues this statement to increase awareness with the intention that it serves as a necessary form of deterrence from similar acts.

Notwithstanding, the SKETCH | 🩁 brand considers product photography an integral part of its business and will not hesitate to take legal action should such other incidents arise in the future! @Heybogee BE GUIDED!!!



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