Nigerian man dies a day after graduating with a first class degree

Young Nigerian man with a promising future dies a day after graduating from the University with a first class degree.

Nigerian man dies a day after graduating with a first class degree - lailasnews

Twitter user, @Baffah16 took to his page to share a picture of a young man who he claims graduated with a first class from the universityand died a day after. In his post, he wrote;

He graduated with first class yesterday and pass away today😭💔,may your soul Rest In Peace🙏.Allah ka karbu rayuwarmu while you’re pleased with us Ameen ya Rabbi😫🙏

Although details on the cause of death was not revealed, the sad news has sparked several reactions by users of the platform. They wrote;

@itz_zahrah: Ya SubhanaLlah 😥😥😥😥!!! What is this life?!!! This is too saddening. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and admit him to the company of the righteous. May Allah console his family and loved ones. Amin. This is indeed a huge trial. May Allah grant us a better ending Amin.

@Buff_Desastre: May the soul of Al’ameen rest in peace.This is indeed a great loss 😢💔

@Radioanchor: reminder that all we achieve in this life is transient. So live a good life as Allah has commanded. May Allah grant us a beautiful ending Ameen.

@AliyuMaryam19: Ameeen ya rabb🙏 …….may his soul rest in perfect peace🙏😭 …..plx say a prayer for the gentle soul😭💔

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