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Chocolate city artist and Northern hip-hop trendsetter, Classiq has released the video for ‘Gargajiya’, his string-heavy, dance-driven single from his New North EP in 2018.

I(Judith Caleb) personally think the song is a great representation of Arewa “Northern Nigeria” and how we have evolve, our strength and Rich culture. We are making progress and changing the narrative..


The video is a colourful tribute to the diversity of the many cultures within Northern Nigeria; an important requirement for ClassiQ who proudly wears his cultural identity and values on his sleeve.

Speaking on the release of the video, the artist said, ‘The video to me is a celebration of the North as a whole. It was important for me to combat a lot of the negative images about the north with a different perspective showing that there’s more than one side to most stories. I hope people enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!



Everyone on my social media is talking about the video.. so watch and share your thought about it 👇🏻


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