New Song! Dear Judith Caleb – Rymboxx


So Kaduna Based artist and My good friend, Rymboxx wrote a song about me…


Words can’t express how much I am blessed and grateful for people like Rymboxx in  my life.. friends like that make the horrors of this world a little less scarier that it look…  Thank you so much for these Kinds words Rym… always and Forever my Guy ❤️


listen to the song here 👉🏻


Song lyrics

“ Dear Judith Caleb,

Yo JC, what’s up!
I remember when i met you, just got back to the country or something
Wanted an interview for your blog or something
So you walked up to me and you talked to me
And your passion and drive was what really got to me
Heard your father is a reverend
So it’s reverend- father- Byat
I like the way he support you, na real father be that
Your mama is so amazing, i loved her when i met her
Matter of fact, more than amazing, she’s kinda like my mama
When these trolls come at you, attack you from every side
I feel the need to jump in and protect you every time
But then you handle yourself all so well
and I’m like errr… ok… oh well
Dem don talk about me, dem don talk about you
Dem don talk about me and you, saying stuff that ain’t true
Through it all, you stay strong
Regardless who’s right or wrong
And for that i respect you
And i put it in a song


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