Mother tortures 4-year-old daughter to death, escapes with her corpse

A mother in Ondo state has allegedly tortured her 4-year-old daughter to death.

The daughter believed to be within the age of 4 years was rushed to Ondo State University Teaching Hospital, Akure Annex by her mother whose identity is yet to be ascertained on Wednesday night.

Mother tortures 4-year-old daughter to death, escapes with her corpse in Ondo

She was said to have been brought in to the hospital with suspected marks of horsewhip visible on the girl’s body.

According to some members of staff at the Ondo State University Teaching Hospital, Akure Annex, the woman escaped with the child’s corpse which was brought to the Children’s Outpatients Department (COPD) of the hospital, DailyPost reported.

“The woman brought in the girl to the hospital at the children’s emergency ward for treatment.

“As we tried to attend to her, we notice that she had maltreated the girl to the point of death.

“If you see the body of the girl, it was a case of Child Abuse as there serious marks of beaten all over her.

“By the time the doctor on duty could rush and attend to her, it was discovered that she even brought the child dead.

“The doctor had to quickly tell the woman that the young kid she brought to the hospital was dead already.

“Before you know it, the woman grabbed the girl and ran away from the hospital facility”.

According to one of the doctors who was on duty when the incident occurred, he confirmed the incident, noting that the child was brought in dead (DOB) by the mother.

The doctor told Daily Post,

“Immediately she (the woman) brought in the child dead to the hospital, we tried to resuscitate her but there was no life again.

“And before we knew it, the woman grabbed the corpse of her child and ran outside the hospital facility.

“All effort to trace her has since proven abortive because we did not know how she just manage to escape from the hospital facility.”

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