Moment with Dimples – Self Entitlement

Lowkey self entitlement has become a trend among folks. People feel they are entitled to be treated favorably because of some certain stereotype. They believe someone or a society owes them something, when they don’t get it they create a negative attitude consciously or subconsciously.

Self entitlement leads to arrogance and pride, some people have unreasonable expectations about what they are entitled to. It’s usually hard to escape self entitled folks, it can be gender based, clerics, your boss at a workplace, a client, relationship partners, friends or a random stranger on the street.

Some bosses in the office can be arrogant, nefarious and seldom refuse to take correction whatsoever. I don’t know whether it’s a transfer of aggression from home or not. You’re meant to believe that as long as they give you stipends, your opinion about a subject matter is not needed. You’re automatically beneath them no matter the level of your qualification and your efficiency. They make life miserable for you whenever you step foot in the organisation. Well let’s call them sadist.

When it comes to clients, some may feel a level of superiority towards you. In their defense, you are at their mercy so they want everything done their way. No questions, no unsolicited advice just do it no matter how difficult and unreasonable it is. Moreover you need them more than they need you since you can be replaced with your competitors. These people are irrational with no humanity.

The worst self entitled folks are your partners. Some of them bring baggage from their previous relationship. They can be vain, vile and repulsive. They feel entitled to your principle because you are in a relationship with them and take advantage of your insecurities. Just because you are dating them you must do things their own way. There’s no compromise with them. Very insensitive, selfish and lack empathy. I can’t fathom their problem to be very honest, they claim “Do you know the amount of people that want me but am here with you, please be grateful that I choose you among the millions chasing me” oh please spare me the headache with your shenanigan, just leave with your insecurities and spare everyone the drama. They do all these shabby things to feel good about their existence.

I won’t forget the guilt trippers, those friends who don’t check up on you till you do. Their first response is usually pathetic, “So you finally called” like really? You have the nerve to complain, i might just end the call and you won’t hear from me, but then am not petty. It works both ways, if I don’t check on you will you die if you do? Life happens we’re all busy doing one thing or the other. So it’s okay to be focused on our dreams since we’re not doing, moreover a lot of people are in your heart and you have sincere admiration for them. Why not be mature about it when they check up without feeling entitled for a daily roll call.

Other categories of entitled people include strangers you’ve never met before saying “I have your type at home, Do you know who I am?” when clearly they are at fault. Those men who feel she is a woman so she’s a weakling let’s take advantage of her. Government workers, bouncers, NYSC officials, those in charge rice in a party. Anyway I’d spare a full episode for you guys. Till then I suggest you remain fully dimplated.

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