Love Interview with Photographer, David Dip Ace Patrick

First kiss?
Dip Ace – Well I think my first kiss was during “wasan Yara” 😅, aside from that I later got a kiss in my final year in SS3.

 Whats your favorite love song?
Dip Ace –  Ermm that one, ahh I don’t think i have any.

What kinda picture makes you sad

Dip Ace – When I read news online and see photos of deceased persons. It makes me sobber.😔

Which love song makes you happy

Dip Ace – Hehe ahh this one girly oo. Listening to good songs makes me happy.

Whats the craziest thing you’ve done for love

Dip Ace – Ermm don’t think I’m one who does crazy 🙈🙈

 How old were you when you had your first girlfriend and for how long?

Dip Ace – I should be 17 or 18.  It lasted two months lol.

 Whats the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone?

Dip Ace –  Buy them shawarma, hahaha what can be more romantic than munching a very awesome shawarma. 😅

 What song would you have on repeat if you were heartbroken

Dip Ace – The chainsmokers – breakup every night.

Lets say you are Inlove with a girl right now and she asked for a photo session.  will you charge her?

Dip Ace – Hehe sure, it’s one of the benefits hahahaha


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  1. pay for a shoot by my boo??????????? and possibly for him?

    I know a lot of peeps will be asking this questions but sure businesses grow wen family and friends pay for services rendered………..thinking the business way.

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