Kaduna’s Heat – Gwanzy Jonah‘s Experience

Rooms nowadays hot like inside it, there is sun,
NEPA now stingy like my neighbor ‘s boyfriend, Johnson.
Was amazed when Kel said, ”this weather is my favourite”,
the weather wont be tormenting if there was constant light.
You feel happy you’re among  Generator owners in the state,
on a second thought, fuel is scarce nowadays for u to waste in your unconscious state.
Water consumption is High,
i guess thats why the price too, went High.
Or maybe because of the rise in Dollar
but the dollar has gone down nah.
Nawa ohh, Nigerians always using situations to make more profit.
Argument almost happend between me and a seller who wasn’t even physically fit,
it was averted and became comedy when reminded it now 10 naira.
Crowdy areas now smelly,
Causing Fart-like sound in da belly.
The sweat caused by the heat, make it smells like your body wasnt bathed rollons and perfumes with.
Yet some yunky boys and girls still wear their underwears like during the cold weather, 2-3 days before washing it.
And still Bounce their legs and shake the booty like all is well.
With dirty and smelly Underwears? Menh all is not well.
The time is 1:09 am. But it seems like 1:09 pm.
Somuch people gisting outside with sleepy eyes,
wishing inside the room was nice,
stylishly waiting for Power to power their Fans.
Right now celebrities will treasure their Fans than their Fans and Fams.
Writing and laughing,
my neigbour is asleep outside but
His hands ain’t asleep, i doubt if he is aware he is beating and slapping himself in the name of killing and chasing, furious and hungry Mosquitoes.
Will you not eat food if you are hungry and there is food to eat?
I hope what i’m writing makes sense.
Just keeping myself busy before Nepa shows Mercy.
Anyways there is a lesson to learn in this, practice it.
And there is a blessing too in this,
enjoy it.
NEPA please bring the Light, i want to sleep.
Oh NEPA just brought us light, am gonna sleep deep.
Goodnight friends,
Now I can sleep well and enjoy those sweet Dreams, she wished me. Lol.
Sweet dreams friends.

By: Gwanzy Jonah


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