Judith Caleb’s Experience – Throwback

Back in 2007, I was still a student in Ecwa Secondary School Narayi Higcost. My friends and I were all feeling hot and Beautiful. Boldness wan kill us.. Lol! we formed a clique abi na group I go call em. The name of the group was ” Zoom girls” *laughs* I was Pretty Zoom, Amadi Diana aka Mama Razor was Crazy Zoom and Martha was spotless Zoom. LMAO

We wore the same kinda shoes (sneakers) and our berets to the same style. We were naive and full of energy. One of my toaster back then .. Lol! Yeah! I had toasters In secondary school. called me and said he was disappointed… I didnt understood why.. Maybe he thought it was a cult or something. A lot of people hated us for that and he had to break the group… Lol! To be continue


Life of a KD based Blogger.
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