Judith Caleb’s Experience – The Simple Life  


Wake up at whatever time you want (6am, 11am or even 1pm).  Think of the future. Drink tea or buy kosai and kunu at the nearby junction, waina or moi moi whichever you want.take a hot shower.
Eat rice and beans with stew or tuwo with any local soup. Eat until you’re satisfied. Don’t be too stressed out when you can’t finish your meal, you can save it for later.
Watch a movie or play FIFA with the boys.  reading a book is optional.
Call a friend, family or a lover. Listen to their stories. Listen to how their day is going. Listen to their sighs. Tell them how you are, if they ask. Tell them whatever you want to. Tell them how you feel and hang up.
Bring out the best in people. Tell her how good she looks in that blue skirt. Compliment his photo on Instagram with an emoji or LOL. Pick out your favorite memory and share with her. Laugh at his weird jokes. Smile with your eyes. Walk away when they’re not treating you how you want to, cos life is too short.
Let people see your emotions. Don’t hide them all away and bottle it up for personal security. Cry when you want to. Laugh when you should. Shout when you’re frustrated. Chew on your nails when you’re nervous.
Take the bus home. Watch how busy the city get in the evenings. Walk out and go home. Eat Food, Shower and brush your teeth. Lay in bed. Think until you’re not thinking anymore. Rest.
Remember, Growing Up suck!
Judith Caleb (JC)
P.S – if you can relate, leave a comment below.. Thanks for reading..

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