Judith Caleb’s Experience – Sunday Lunch at Amire Hospitality Restaurant Kaduna



If you know me well, you’ll know I don’t go out much.. I’m very lowkey and private.. Lol! Yeah! I love to stay outta people’s business. But lately, I have been checking out new places in Kaduna. I stumbled on Facebook this  new restaurant called A’mire Hospitality and decided to check it out…and I have  news for foodies like ME..  You don’t have to go far to get your favourite mouth-watering dishes just go to A’mire Hospitality Restaurant at No 4 Station Road, Beside MRS filling Station Along Ali Akilu way Kaduna. It’s very affordable, beautiful and the food is delicious!

I must say, it’s currently one of the best restaurants in Kaduna. I met the owner Mary Adeola Olaremi. She was really nice and friendly and passionate about excellent service – just listen to her talk about food and you will be amazed how much she knows…

Her menu is described as: “African dishes, with a twist” and the full menu includes a touch of Italian, German and Mediterranean specialties.

The restaurant is spacious and tastefully furnished: a large main hall, an exclusive dining area with lots of room for expansion: the grand plan includes indoor and outdoor sit-outs, shisha parlor, bar, front and back parking space, etc.

Here was how my lunch went:

Started with the complimentary bread basket and water on the house. ( Always on the house)


Spring rolls ( 4 rolls) on a bed of lettuce and hot sauce

Africa with a twist.. I ordered fried rice with grilled chicken (crispy fried rice served on a white plate with a side of cole slaw and grilled chicken with fresh tomatoes/ cucumber)

My friend had garlic and basil spiced battered fish and chips. Crispy outside, soft inside on a bed of lettuce with a slice of lemon, served with a creamy, tasty salad dressing. Side note: all dressings and juices, bread and snacks are made from scratch with their own special recipe. Wowsers.

The experience was fantastic… I am so happy that Kaduna now has a standard place like that… you can take your girlfriend there for a proper dinner date.. (Hint: ladies, show him this post 😋)

.. Go check it out and thank me later

For more info call – 08173301635, 07088272392, or 08098449906


P.S – you can book the place for wedding receptions, cooperate dinners etc
See more photos taken by the restaurant

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