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I have been looking for the perfect hair cream for a long time and I finally found priceless Cream

Blessing reached out to me two months back, told me about her hair cream and asked me to try it for Free and review it on the blog… so I did lol! I mean who doesn’t like Freebies 😁 oh! If this is your first time reading JUDITH Caleb’s Experience and you’re wondering what it’s all about… click HERE. However, if your reading this on Instagram or Facebook, you have follow the link on my bio or just open your browser and type www.judithcaleb.com. 

Back to the gist! 

Getting natural hair products in Kaduna is very difficult, you have to order on Jumia or any online store and it’s ridiculously expensive.


Well! I tried Priceless cream and I absolutely love it. This brand is the most affordable found so far.

The cream  does exactly what you want a cream to do.. increase Hair Growth, prevents breakage and clears Dandruff. Great for both natural and colored Hair. 

You can Order From Blessing.. 

Call 👉🏻 07060602509 or visit then At No 8 Kadara Street Goni gora opppsite Anglican Church

Prices: N300 ( small) N600 (Big) 

All Hair products are produced  by Blessing Saleh.

P.S – I’m giving out three priceless Hair creams to the first three ladies that will leave a comment on the blog 

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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