Judith Caleb’s Experience – My Invitation By Isreal Embassy


Good morning JCB readers. So Yesterday was amazing. I (JC) was invited by Isreal Embassy for their 71st Anniversary ( independence of the State of Isreal) at Transcrop Hilton Abuja.. It was a beautiful event. We listened to Israeli Music and watched their dance. After that, I Networked with people and ate almost everything  there lol!😂 I think I probably drank like 7 glasses of Juice ( forgive me, I am a foodie) 🙈 well, I had the time of my life and felt like a true queen in my Blue BouBou dress made by my favorite fashion designer Joy Ejura Haruna ❤️  

I look forward to more opportunities like this.. 

Thank you all for Reading and pushing my brand… I win because Of Y’all and I’m forever grateful to my readers and Fans 🙏

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