Judith Caleb’s Experience – Life in Kaduna

If you know me well, you’ll know I don’t go out much.. I’m very lowkey and private.. Lol! Yeah! I love to stay outta people’s business. But lately, I have been checking out new places and going for event. I was at Menxee’s Album on Sunday and it was Fun all the way.. I screamed, jumped, danced and was so excited. Menxee’s energy on stage was something else..

Oya back to the main gist before I deviate and go all Johnny on you lol!

It is no secret that I loveeeee food, I can’t stress that enough.. I’m a foodie *shining teeth* my love for food has pushed me to lurking around Kaduna, looking for a perfect hangout spot for me and my friends, tagging and telling my friends “We should totally check this place out”, lol! After all the mouth and ginger, somehow I always end up still sticking to my regular place (Fruit bar) .

last week, I finally decided to try Chop chop the New place at Karji Junction owned by Darey, CEO MadeInKrokcity.. Yeah! That Darey, the serious business minded guy.. Well they are doing a good job. Their Sharwama is soooo nice. Shout out to all the people at Chop chop…lol… But on a serious note, Y’all need to try their Sharwama so it doesn’t look like I’m hyping them too much.

So after enjoying my full chicken, sausage Sharwama, I moved down to Fruit Bar my favorite place *smile*. I love healthy living, Eating healthy is good business and fruits are top of the chart.. On reaching fruit bar, I found out this whole new change, I mean the place looked different. I was confused at first and had to ask myself “am I in the right place” I later found out they were renovating / rebranding the place. I got so excited with what I saw.

Kaduna is growing and I’m proud of my city..

That’s all for this episode of Judith Caleb’s Experience. Kindly leave a comment below. Tell me your favourite hangout spot so i can check it out and why you like the place…


Thanks for reading this..
I love you all


P.S I promise to write my Festival of lights experience before weekend

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