Judith Caleb gets naked about the blogging life.. !

Compliments of the season… How una dey? It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything about me, Yes! ME! Judith caleb, so today I’m going to write about my experiences with blogging. I am still learning and yet to have it all figured out… But “I will get there”- yes! I will get there!!! *sips kunun aiya* You see, I am all about connecting arewa- I give information and happenings around Kaduna, Northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole. I don’t just want this place to be all about news, that would suck… i know!
Blogging takes up a lot of my time and energy at least 10 hours of my day everyday. I try to be consistent, focus and keep building my brand.
There are a lot of mean people however, who just want to frustrate and make me feel like I’m just wasting my time, reason being that; blogging in Northern Nigeria is not like blogging in Lagos. Some insult my work, and  personal life. As a certain songwriter said “Dare to suck” I will keep trying to improve my blog and work through  all the negativity.
But then again, there are people who genuinely love what I do and I sincerely appreciate….
Just like everybody, I have goals and face challenges.
One of my biggest challenge is; people do not leave comments on my blog. I see a lot of visitors ( readers) who just read my posts and leave! no comments!!!
So… let’s talk! Make we reason!!! Let’s get a bottle of coke or tea… (i am already on my 2nd cup of kunun aiya by the way). Let’s talk about how you can help “my ministry move to the permanent site” lol!
I really wish people would comment, get feedback so I know how to improve the blog… So please ehn, i take God beg una!!! My Kaduna people, don’t just read this, support by leaving a comment…. Thank You!    I promise to write more personal stuff… yes! I said it!!! Muaah from the other side! *not the other room- just the other side*

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6 comments On Judith Caleb gets naked about the blogging life.. !

  • Juu, You know I’ve always been a huge fan of yours, and I’m very proud you’ve been taking all my advises (At least some sha, lol), even though you’re older, you still humble your self to learn (this is something only a few people will understand And I’m happy to be one of the few) “If you humble yourself you will be exalted”, even as I watch you grow new each day , I still wish you bigger days ahead. There is never a finish line for success, ‘abi you don here say person blow come relax?’, nah…its always going to be you flying higher and higher each new day.

    Sorry I(we) don’t drop comments fa, But you should know we love You , your works and all you’re doing for the KD people, These will never be forgotten.

    (There’s so much I wrote but I deleted them because it will become boring while reading).

    Love the new design… way much better than what we had before jare… ‘how we go lunch am na?, pizza, sharwama, ko suya kowai?’

    P.S. I will be back to Nigeria In November so keep my own kunun Aiya for me, kin ji?

    Stay bless/ Safe dear.

  • When I saw the first 4 words “Judith Caleb Gets Naked…” I said chei! It has happened.
    But anyway. This means a lot more than the news posts to me. Our people want you to get to the very top before they show love and support.
    The new site is DOPE btw.

  • Stay focused on the goal

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