JC On The Street – The touching story of a beggar in Kaduna

JC* The touching story of a beggar and a former security guard that served,retired and lived his entire life in kaduna….
Baba is from Borno state, but has lived and served his entire life in kaduna state,
Baba* I worked as a security guard for 25yrs. From GGSS maimuna Gwarzo, to St Augustine catholic church tudun wada kaduna and finally retired as a security guard at nuhu Bamalli polytechnic zaria, I retired due to age, my body was worn out and weak, and have nothing to offer to the job anymore.
JC* how much do you make as a beggar?
Baba* 400 to 500naira daily..
JC* wow! thats less than a dollar…
Baba* I am married with 7 children. I receive a pension of 7,000 naira monthly from El-rufai, the governor of kaduna state. Gov. El- Rufai pays me every month and he doesn’t fail…
JC* Do you come to the market with any of your kids?
Baba* No! I always find my way all by himself.
JC* He has all sorts of bruises on his legs and he walks with a staff, so I asked him, How he got all these bruises?
Baba* It was because of ” bathing too much combined with old age, *laughs*
JC* Baba! Do you like and enjoy kaduna?
Baba* YES! I love kaduna, I collect pension here *laughs*
I have been in Kaduna since sir Ahmadu Bello was made premier, in 1954 when the sardauna was made premier of the northern protectorate…
JC* wow! thats quite long time, that was 63years ago o.. Chai!
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  1. I think baba should thank for life and stop begging. 7000 naira may not be much in todays world but with that he is far better than many out there with zero level of income. Besides he need to be resting now

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