JC on the street – Interviewing Random people on the streets of Kaduna

This is a popular place in Narayi. I’m sure 80% of people living there knows this exact location
Every day, you’ll see at least 10-15 shoemarkers sitting there and fixing shoes and bags.


There used to be a big phone booth just at the entrance of the street Back in the 90s before the invention of GMS, hence it famous name (phone booth) the phone booth has since been removed but the name still stands . People go there with different intention to either fix their shoes, buy vegetables and other food stuff or gist with friends .

Most of this shoemakers if not all are not staying in Narayi. They come every morning from different parts of Kaduna just to fix shoes and go back in the evening

This is their only source of income and a good number of them have being doing this for more than 10years. Some grew up following their uncle, leaning the job and now expert.


Today is another day!
Today we work to put food on the table.
We do this for our wivies, we do this for our Children.
We do this for survive…

We didn’t choose this life but found ourselves doing it
We are the shoe Markers you pass everyday when going to work and greet accasional when coming back in the evening.

We are the shoe Markers you drop your shoes with when going to the market and expect to get a well fixed shoe when coming back. You don’t know our names cos we never tell, you might not remember our faces cos you never notice. But we are here! We see you . #jcOnTheStreet


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