JC on the street – interviewing random people on the streets of Kaduna

Arsenal is my favorite club. I love their technique and the mindset of the coach, Arsene Wenger. He doesn’t believe in big names ( just like me). Everyone can be a star. The child your are looking down on today can become a star tomorrow so why not train a child to be great tomorrow instead of stealing players that are already made from other clubs.
Football is not only about money but passion and beauty of the game – and that is what I coach my team players to always remember.  I am not just a coach, I’m a clergyman so it’s not just about coaching and teaching how to succeed in playing football – hopefully with my contribution my players will succeed in life also. If I can create stars both on and off the pitch, then all the days we have spent training together would be worth it.

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JC on the street – sharing the Kaduna Stories

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