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my husband worked for a company, they were incharge of sale and distribution of products consumers, the employees are given a target, a specific amount of money to raise through the sales of these products,theres a deadline to the returns of the money. on a particular day, he was called into the office by the boss (the general manager). A specific amount of money was said to be missing, after investigations, it was observed that it was from my husband team, after hours of discussion, the matter was handed over to the authorities, the police got involved, he ended up spending the night in a cell, it was all like a dream, to worsen matters, due to the incompetence and the mindless and caresless attitude of the judiciary and the police all together, he spent 3months in the cell, the money had to be paid before he was released they said, it was a very difficult period for my family, we had to resolve into closing down our shop and selling the few plots of lands. Now my husband is without a job, lifes all of a sudden turned so difficult for my family…

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Breaking!!! The Kaduna State House of Assembly has passed into law a bill that guarantees the welfare and protection of Kaduna State Children.

JC On The Street