Birthday – On turning twenty Six

Hi guys.

Guess who is 26 now?! * Dancing my happy dance* lol!

Its amazing how time flies really.
I was talking to someone the other day about how I’ll be twenty six soon and today I am 26 very soon I will be 30 wow!

I’m thankful for life, Family and growth… I have grown mentally and emotionally
Even though life is a bit more challenging, I can definitely see the difference between where I’m  now and where I was on my last birthday.

My life has  more direction than back then. Twenty six found me in a good place mentally and emotionally and for that I’m extremely thankful.

Alot happened last year that I didn’t share in my Judith Caleb’s Experience. I moved my blog from blogger to WordPress.. it wasn’t an easy decision because I lost all my older posts and it felt like starting all over again and reposting my JC On The street stories but I’m grateful to God that you (my loyal readers) followed the blog to the ” permanent site” lol!

I know I haven’t been posting like before,  that’s because I’m  facing some serious challenges but hopefully I will resolve them soon.

I’m excited about my future and everything that’s still yet to come and super thankful.

I am looking forward to a successful ELLE ( empowering Ladies for leadership and Enterprenuership) my event coming 7th April.. Ladies book a ticket at or buy the tickets at Space 2000 Barnawa Kaduna. Guys you can also buy for your sisters and girlfriend it’s just N1500 from now to 30th March or support by buying tickets for ladies who can’t afford it ( a giveaway)

Now to the pictures… So, I took these pictures on Friday using a phone at DeezeeMakeovers studio. I  Definitely didn’t plan to do a birthday shoot like I did last year and I didn’t realize these pictures were going to come in handy today till I was going through my memory card looking for any happy profile shot of myself to use for this post. I know I used them on my social media.. but well! No harm watching them again.. lol

I’m currently lying down on my bed not quite sure how my day would play out but determined to be happy regardless.

Here’s to many more years with you guys! Thank you so much for sticking with me through the years and I truly appreciate all the love.

I know this post is not well arranged and makes it look like I’m! No vex

P.S – If you like my makeup,kindly follow and check @Deezeemakeovers on Instagram.. she’s good

I will sincerely appreciate if you leave a comment below (on the blog please) Thank you.

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