Jay Edibles – Continental and African Dishes in Kaduna

If you are a food lover, living in Kaduna State and ready to explore… then you need to order your Continental and African Dishes from Jay Edibles. They are currently The best in Kaduna when it comes to taste and quality delivery. 

For them, it’s not just about bringing good food to your door step but It’s about making a connection and an impression. They also make the best fruit punch, Waina  and can supply in stock to eateries,  birthdays and meetings. The waina is made in bulk for families who don’t have time to make and only on weekend. 

Services includes; 

  • Supplying to Office meetings/ Conferences 
  • Birthday parties 
  • Weddings 
  • Traditional meetings and any form for gathering that involves eating 😁. And GUESS WHAT? ☺️In the spirit of VALENTINE,  there’s a Good Discount on Jay edibles Food/ Services 🕺🏻🕺🏻  trust me, you don’t want to miss this opportunity 

Contact them on: 

Twitter: @JoyBee47204234

Instagram: @jayedibles 

Facebook; joy rejoice

And follow them on Social media: 

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