How Popular Kaduna Based Artist Rymboxx proposed to his Girlfriend

Popping the question, especially in an African context of complex traditions and cultural necessities, is an uphill task for any guy that loves a girl and dreams of marrying her. Popular Kaduna Based Artist Rymboxx can attest to the fact that it’s not an easy thing to do, but one that has to be done, especially when you feel it in your bones that the time is right and you meet the perfect Person. To loud applause, he masterfully planned and  proposed to his girlfriend Hannatu Sunday yesterday at Gamji gate and guess who was part of PLANNING Committee 😁 ME 💃🏻😂

“ Mama, I want to surprise Tutu with a Ring. I want it to be simple… Her Friends and little of my friends.. that’s all.. but i need to know her ring size”  that was what Rymboxx told me 29th April and as a sharp girl that I am😉 lol! I figured out Tutu’s ring size without her knowing our secret plan.. 

We bought the ring, flowers and BOOM! I was in a Keke with Tutu taking  her to Gamji gate to meet the love of her life without her knowing “ sweet right?” ☺️

I told her it was a pre – ELLE hangout strictly for ladies.. meanwhile Rymboxx Allegedly travelled to Abuja…  

Fast forward to 5pm… we tricked Tutu into covering her eyes with a scarf In a silly Game only for her to remove the blindfold and BOOM!  Rymboxx on his knee, Cameras, Flowers and her friends screaming in the background.. She froze in shock for a min…. it was so beautiful and perfect 

So Incase you don’t know, RYMBOXX is OFF the Market and Hooked to his Beautiful Queen 👑 

Oh! She Said Yes!!! let the countdown begin 💃🏻💃🏻

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