Hot Gist: A boy was allegedly killed in central Market Kaduna


Wondering why some shops are closed in central market kaduna? Well here’s what happened 

Some shop owners in central market closed their shops due to the incident that happened today in the afternoon. 

Two soldiers were walking in central Market Kaduna and suddenly, One of the solider felt a hand around his pocket “Thinking the boy behind him wanted to steal his phone”. He immediately turned and stabbed the boy. The boy fell to the ground and died causing a heated argument between the soldiers and MOB, leading to them attacking the soliders and killing the solider who attacked the boy.

The solider and the boy were rushed to the hospital. 

Affected routes are; Yakubu Gowon Way, Ahmadu Bello way, Ali Akilu Way, Katsina Road and the central market.

Tendencies are high for a raid by the men of the Nigerian Army in and around the affected locations soon. The area could be tensed for the coming days as well.

• Avoid the general area as a precaution
• Consider alternate routes
• Consider postponing bank transactions and other activities till area becomes calm


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