HOT GIST: King In the North, Deezell flaunts Kaduna Based Make- Up Artist As His Girlfriend || @officialdeezell

Deezell is a popular Northern Nigeria personality. He is known for his music and kindness… Yes! He is one of the kindest people in the industry.. 

If you’ve been  wondering and asking questions about who Deezell is dating… ask no more, The handsome Arewa king took to social media to reveal his Queen  about four days back.. He finally revealed Jiddarh, a well known Kaduna Based Make- Up Artist and Youtuber as his girlfriend. Apparently, they’ve been dating for a while now and even have an Instagram Page dedicated to their love (@jidzell) 

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Deezell flew back to Nigeria just to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.. awww! So sweet right? Well, he didn’t stop there. He has been proudly flaunting her pictures all over social media..

We can’t have enough of Jidzell.. their love and connection is admirable… they look happy together 

We love our Northern couple and wish them all the Best ❤️

We are patiently waiting to see DJ ABBA’s Girlfriend 🤫☺️ .. please don’t tell him I said this 😂 

Oya leave a comment on the blog.. say what you think about our adorable Arewa Couple. 

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