Hot Gist: Judith Caleb’s Blog Under Attack?

Hello JCB Readers,

Something crazy is happening on my Facebook Pages.. I tweeted and post this;


‪”KASU girls, You better wise- Up‬
‪Have some shame and stop frequenting Club Houses.‬

‪You allow club owners to pimp you and serve you like a chicken, but you are not a chicken, you are not even a Beef, Cos beef cost N200, these men eat you for less “


and some  KASU girls on Facebook came for my head 😂

Here are some comments I screenshot;


I know what you are thinking? Too much insults right? “But you never see” 😂 my all time favorite is from Zarah Vincent.. I hear people are putting  it up on their WhatsApp status… she copied and pasted it on every comment on the blog page:: here’s the comment

Ghen! ghen! I’m still waiting for more insults and attacks 😎

Thanks for checking my blog. Kindly leave a comment.. I can take it 😘❤️

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