Falz wishes ourVeryOwn Kaduna Based Artist, Clement Colours “happy birthday’

Nigerian singer Falz has taken to social media to celebrate one of his talented fans and Kaduna based artist Clement Colour 

– The singer celebrated the fan as he added another year to his age

– Falz’s fan had wished for a shout out from the star after he painted a portrait of him

Celebrities are often times celebrated by their fans with little gestures and at times over the top ones, for those that can afford to. Celebrities in return, also take time out of their busy schedules to do the same for fans.

They do giveaways on their social media platforms, they empower talented youth and even celebrate their fans on their social media platforms.

Nigerian singer and comic actor Falz has taken to his Instagram page to celebrate a talented fan on his birthday. The singer wished the artist identified as Clement Colours a happy birthday.

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