Eargasm: Why the event flopped and left Kaduna people dissatisfied


Personally, I want every event to be successful because events are supposed to be enjoyable and we need Kaduna to grow and be better… some of us are working our ass off to change this city. 

Y’all know I don’t usually write about things like this but I think it’s time we stop saying it on the side and speak out… 

Unfortunately, some event planners and organizers get so caught up in the details of the event that they don’t stop to think about  some important topics, people and things to do to make it successful… 

First things first “this is Kaduna not Lagos” Don’t argue, don’t compare

Secondly, How can you come to my city and organize an event and there’s no single Kaduna artiste on stage… that’s your First mistake… these artistes work day and night to make this city attractive again and you bring people and leave the KD artistes out… how can we grow if we treat our people like trash…. Kaduna artistes would have brought you more crowd than all these A-list artistes.  If you understand kaduna, you will know that people will come out to support Kaduna Artistes because of Love/ personal relationship…. anyway

The venue echoes therefore, the sound was bad… terrible! Bad!! I couldn’t hear what they were saying sef…. sorry but gymnasium Hall is a dead place for an entertainment event… if your problem was using a central area.. there are so many places you could have used like The castle etc 

Lastly, the price is ridiculous.. Haba! This is Kaduna from N5,000 to 100k, 200k then 1.5m… for what nah.. no wonder the place was almost empty.. even with the serious publicity and billboard, Rymboxx concert without that much publicity  gathered  more crowd than Your show. Big names don’t move us in Kaduna.

P. S – I am talking about Eargasm the event that 2Face, waje and Classiq performed.. 

Oh and I didn’t see Jeremiah Gyang what happened? 

No hate here! I just said what I observed… 

“they wanted only Lagos.. Toh! Dey don see the Kaduna”


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  1. Personally, I have a few opinions similar to yours as to why the event might flop (which eventually did).

    1. You Should NEVER ask kd people to pay 5k for a show. Learn from Glo Comedy Fest which was a massive success. Some might have the money but spending patterns are different here

    2. 2Face may be a legend but as you’ve stated; If my homeboys aren’t performing at your show, I’m not coming. Period!

    3. Publicity wasn’t really great, to be honest. I mean for a legend as 2Face in a city like Kd, they could have done better

    4. Lastly, God knows why….

  2. It’s very sad, they should have done more asking bfr bringing the show, fr month end u carry show of 5k come in a city where majority of the in habitants r civil servants, d few that have the money don’t care about this, publicity only done in few part of the state, it’s a lesson for others to learn, the ones beigining burna boy should take note from now oo, if not

  3. Learning The Hard Way: A Case Study of Eargasm


  4. I knew the event will go that way before now. An event that will flop we dey know. Even in Lagos this days not everybody dey succeed for 5k show.. I hope they will learn from here.

  5. Well if their MAIN goal is to make money first in entertainment, they better think twice. The passion first, then they should think of satisfaction of the people, money inclusive

  6. Abeg, which day dem even do the show sef?
    In Jos when a show like this was hosted, first of all, there were gate fees ranging from 1,000 – 5,000. 5k was the VIP and 50k for a table of 5.
    They know say if e pass like that, no body go show.

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