Do you know that Hundreds of thousands of women die in childbirth every year? Read More

Hey people! Today I want to talk a little about Family planning and how it’s affecting Nigerians, especially Northern Nigeria.. I plan to do this once in a week so watch out for it, learn and sharing with your friends, neighbors and relations… Help stop unintended pregnancy.

Here we go;

Family Planning is not what we all think it is. It is majorly a way of promoting the health and welfare of family group for self and societal benefit and it is voluntary.
Child Spacing is very important. It helps the mother to regain strength before giving birth to another child.
Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and family planning remains a heavily stigmatized – and often misunderstood. Some think family planning means “Stopping child birth totally” but NO! That’s not it.. like I said it simply means child spacing ( don’t get it twisted *winks*)

Wait! But do you know that Hundreds of thousands of women die in childbirth every year and, still, most couples do not use contraception or consider family planning? Sad right? Thinking about it gives me goosebumps literally… women are really trying fa.. its not easy. We seriously need to educate our mothers, sisters and daughters. We need to teach them the importance of Child Spacing. Reach out to someone today and sharing this.. feel free to ask questions and drop comments… I promise to tell you a true life story next week so stay glue.. xoxo

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