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Dear Judith! My Husband and I fight about little things… And I am considering a divorce


Dear Judith! My Husband and I fight about little things… And I am considering a divorce

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Hello Judith, I am so excited to be chatting with you, got your number from a friend who thinks I should forward you my story. Please keep me anonymous. I love your blog and I am a big fan, keep doing what you do. So, this is my story. I am 34 yrs old, a full time house wife, a mom with a boy and currently expecting baby number 2. I am northern girl married to a niger delta guy for 7yrs now. Please I need advice, because at the moment, I am lost and have no idea what to do. My husband has been through a lot in life. His father was abusive to them and their mother growing up and that has affected him. His father is the real definition of an irresponsible man in any sense that you wish to think of. His dad was a chronic womanizer, he would come home drunk, with his babes and send the kids and their mother out in d cold for the whole night while he is busy having a good time in bed with the girl of the day.
Sometimes they will remain outside while it’s raining with no form of shelter but the little clothes on their bodies. Now, the thing is, fast forward years later, my husband is grown up, married but finds it hard to let anyone in. He is too guarded with his emotions and bottles things up, which ended up making him have a temper. He pours his anger on our kid when he makes little mistakes that can easily be corrected with a simple talk. Most times if he is upset about something from outside he brings it home. He finds it hard to really love us in the sense that though he is married, he kinda behaves like he is alone. Sometimes, when I do get to his core and he opens up abit, all he ever talks about is his father and the way he treated them as kids and the lack of love. It has affected him psychologically. I have suggested seeking council but he doesn’t believe in that
We fight about little things and in away, I feel I can’t do it anymore and decided to take my kid and leave the house. Maybe he needs the space to really examine his life and learn to let go of his past. I am seriously considering a divorce. I have not been able to share this with my family members, because they didn’t want me to marry him for the single reason that he is from the other part of the country.
I have not been happy for yrs now and my husband doesn’t want to help himself and us, he is too stubborn.
I am depressed and losing weight while pregnant and it’s not good for myself or our unborn child.
Most times I feel happier when he is not around/ when he is at d office. The moment he comes home, our happiness is gone but I try to pretend to be, just to please him and ease his stress. Dear readers, please what should I do? I seriously need any help I can get….


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