Bad Boyfriend Alert: 5 Typical Kaduna Guy Moves


We’ve probably all dated a “bad boyfriend” at one time or another in our lives, it’s nothing to feel guilty about. But sometimes it can help to know what you are looking for so that you can avoid it the next time around. Relationships can often be seen as a teaching ground and when they aren’t good for us, we tend to learn lessons about what to avoid the next time we meet someone.

Some Kaduna guys are full of shit and have zero idea on how to treat a Lady But won’t stop to learn.. they argue a lot and think they know it all.. well, here’s 5 Typical Kaduna’s Guy Moves.. Feel free to add yours in the comment box 

  1. There Are Girls All Over His Social Media

There is nothing more annoying than checking out your man’s social media pages and seeing some girl you have never heard of posting heart-eyed emojis on his posts. But then, A lot of girls will say that’s not a big deal as long as he doesn’t reply with Love emojis, flood his Social media pages with her pictures we are good.. 

But think about it this way, a guy that is committed to a relationship won’t tolerate that stuff and he certainly won’t make his girl deal with it, either. If there are always a ton of girls on his social media leaving Love emojis on every comment and constantly writing sweets things, that’s a huge red flag.

There is a good chance that he is involved with at least one of the girls that keep posting on his page. If you see this behavior, it might be a good idea to head for the hills.

  1. He Criticizes Her All The Time

It would be nice if Most Kaduna Guys will support their girlfriends more and I am not talking only about the financial part but other aspect of the relationship like emotional support, Mental support Yunno.. especially if she has a job. Most men just criticize rather than advice and support. 

  1. He Tries To Drag Her Down

Don’t date a guy who doesn’t want the best for you. Guys that will tell you they love you, and then leave, or tries to get you to stop hustling or working and just be with him from morning till Night touching and kissing.. 

He should be proud of your success and try to push you to be better not smooching 24/7.. 

  1. He Makes Her Change Everything About Herself

Run away from guys that would as you to change everything about yourself…  for example.. Kaduna Guy be like; I don’t like your friend, stop seeing her, you stay out too much, you can’t hangout with other friends without telling me blah blah blah.. bullshit.. don’t allow him change you.. if he can’t accept you then he should leave.. SIMPLE 

  1. He’s Constantly Breaking Her Heart But He Loves Her

Kaduna Guys are experts in breaking hearts and saying I love you at the same 


Kaduna guy will be like: You are so amazing, I don’t deserve you, you deserve better than me.. Buahahahah! constantly breaking her heart and telling her it was for her own good, “I love you, but we shouldn’t be together.”

telling a girl you love her but you can’t be together is just a bad boyfriend move. And most girls are tired of that cheap line 



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