AEPB Abuja raid: Women are allegedly raped, assaulted and unlawfully detained

New reports on the AEPB Abuja raid has revealed that the targets are women who are allegedly raped, assaulted, kidnapped and unlawfully detained.

David Hundeyin has compiled the ordeal of about six women in the hands of Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) during their raid which has since gained a fearsome reputation in the city, for its singular commitment to rape, extortion and harassment of young women in a report shared on Newswirengr.

AEPB Abuja raid_ Women are allegedly raped, assaulted and unlawfully detained - lailasnews

According to one of the victims who shared her ordeal, she was detained for 4 days and in these timeframe, she witnessed at least 70 other young female detainees tear gassed in a locked police cell, denied food, water or sanitary provisions and raped by police officers if they could not pay for their freedom.

#Abujaraid: Ladies in Abuja may need to start buying Hijabs, AEPB is not stopping – Hajiya Safiya Umar

Another victim claims after she was nabbed while waiting to board a keke, she was taken to the FCT High Court at Zuba and instructed to plead guilty to whatever she was charged with, lest she risk going to Suleja prison.

The six women have now accused Hajiya Safiya of being the Mastermind behind these abduction of women in Abuja.

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