Self love – JUDITH Caleb’s Experience

I wake up grateful for my life and show gratitude in living regularly.

I follow my heart for the day on what i want to do, unbothered by others thoughts on what I should do or be doing.

I get massages regularly and remind myself that I am so deserving.

I love writing and do it often

I love planning for events – Festival of Lights

I love reading and do that very often

I go places that are new and off the beaten path.

I look for the fun in life.

I let myself eat a lot of good healthy food.

I make time for self.

I make things that make me feel good about my path, scrapbooks, etc

YOU are a cosmic gift to the world, love yourself, your heart and all you do!

If this is your first time check my blog them you should read my Judith Caleb’s Experience, my JC on the street and my Whispers 😘😘😘


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