57 alleged gay men arrested in Lagos: Police have no evidence – Lawyer

A Nigerian lawyer Oludare Falana, representing the 57 alleged gay men accused of engaging in same sex activities at a club in the Egbeda area of Lagos, has accused Police of stalling the case against the men.

Oludare, while speaking to Premium Times, said the Police is yet to file their proof of evidence before the court and have refused to grant the accused bail.

57 alleged gay men arrested in Lagos: Police have no evidence – Lawyer

“If you’re going to charge people to court, you must give us the proof of evidence,” Mr Falana said at press conference on Monday August 26.

“The proof of evidence is everything you were able to gather together during your investigation which informed your decision to charge them to court.

“From my understanding and my interaction with some of these boys, they were in a party, so how do you prove to the whole world that they were engaged in same-sex? We have 57 boys, who is having sex with the other? How were they doing it?

“It’s been exactly one year that these boys have been arrested and detained, and I can tell you, as at the last time we were in court, not a single charge has been preferred against them.

“I was in court personally myself on the last adjourned date and I tried to move the magistrate to strike out the case because as far as I’m concerned, there is no case before the court because there is no charge. But in her wisdom, she said no, that she is going to adjourn.

“Counsel to the police mentioned that they are trying to put heads together and charge them before a federal high court, that it was a federal offence.”

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