5 Kinds Of People At Ostrich Bakery Sabo Tasha


Ostrich bakery is one of the most recognized if not the only Bakery in Sabo Tasha Kaduna and it attracts different kinds of people, especially southern Kaduna people. People enter into Ostrich Bakery for different reasons. 

Well, Here’s 5 kinds of  people you can find in Ostrich. Feel free to add if We miss any.

  1. Laptop/phone users:


These groups of people are only interested in charging/ browsing, using the constant supply of light as an excuse to stay all day. They can spend 8 – 12 hours and just buy a drink like coke, Olympic. Anything that’s within the price range of N200 – N500


  1. ‘ I am waiting for a friend”

Lol! This group make me laugh hard. They are the jobless people who just sit, buy ice- cream or burger and form they are waiting for their date/friend. Forming familiarity “upandan” when they see people they know.


  1. Corpers

Because NYSC zonal office is just across the road, corpers flood in and out of ostrich bakery like its “Mama put joint” especially “ when dey don collect allowee” most times you see them sitting alone, looking all depressed and lonely.


  1. “ I don’t know what  I am doing here”

These category are the ones that come for the music and pictures. They sit for hours  watching music video,  vibing, taking photos and posting online 

5.“The REAL Gs”


These group are the real buyers, they go in buy what they need and leave. They hardly sit and eat there. They quickly dash in and out to  avoid seeing people they know.

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  1. Am sure I dash in and out I don’t even like to sit because the mutuality in SK is too will surely see someone you know

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