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3years of Planning and creating Beautiful Music… Finally “John The Album” is Ready – Menxee


3years of Planning and creating Beautiful Music… Finally “John The Album” is Ready – Menxee

Kaduna based Gospel artist /Producer Menxee had an exclusive interview with JCB recently and  Talked about his album launch “John the Album ”

Read full interview below:

Who is Menxee?

Menxee: Menxee is a rapper, singer, producer and many other awesome stuff the world is yet to encounter.

Is there a special woman in your life?

Menxee: Sure. Matter of fact, a lot of special women in my life – my mum to begin with, hehehe.

When did Menxee start music professionally?

Menxee: Professionally, wow! Well I’d say I started music, professionally,  in the year 2014 ‎at the release of my first ever promo CD in September that year.

Why the title “John” the album?

Menxee: The name ‎”John” carries more meaning to me than just being a name. It is the life long experience of every human being on the surface of the earth. The struggle within one’s self about doing right or wrong and how other people respond to, influence, dictate and sometimes affect one’s choices in life.

How long did it take you to put together this album?

Menxee: Technically it took a whole year, that is from December 2016 to December 2017, to put together the album because that was actually when the studio production began. But more seriously, it took 3years of planning, creating, worrying (lol), hoping and then finally working hard, to put this album together.

What is the conviction  that the album is ready?

Menxee: Oh! Trust me the album is Ready, very John ready. I mean that literally too.

Talking about the album launch, when and where will it take place?‎

Menxee: ‎The album launch is This Sunday, December 10th, 2017 at House of Purpose Church U/Sunday, near St. Charles Catholic Church. 4pm we John-ney.

Who should we expect to see at John?

Menxee: Expect to see and jam up with some of KD’s finest gospel artistes‎, talking about Bie, JayMun, Jason Sleek, Jah-love, Jaydah and Phat N’ Furious.

What do you think about J.C.B?‎

Menxee: J.C.B is simply awesome‎ and it’s not what I think, it’s what I know. J.C.B is the future menh. Blessings!

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